Green Origins

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by nature probably because I grew up in a rural town in The South Downs National Park, Southern England. My childhood involved pond dipping, rock pooling and collecting pretty leaves in autumn. I was a so-called “Eco Warrior” at primary school due to being on the Green Team for my final two years when they introduced it to the school, this little team was a group of students from every year group and staff. We made big decisions like designing an outdoor classroom and how we could improve our school garden but we mostly just collected the recycling and compost.

In secondary school and later on at college I pursued natural sciences, choosing Biology, Geography and Spanish at A-level before starting university to study Biology. I’m now about to enter my final year of study and I have no idea what I want to do, for a while I dabbled in lab work and genetics which I still find amazing but eventually I gravitated back to conservation and the ecology-based modules where my heart belongs!

I’ve also discovered a passion for informing and sharing my knowledge with people which is where this blog comes in, this blog is going to be about I’m adjusting my life to match my values both to be more ethical and sustainable. Join me on my journey to become more sustainable on a low student budget.

Thank you for reading!


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